Dr Youssry Farghaly Is a Pharmacist/teaching assistant, [Cairo University , Faculty of Pharmacy], 1976-1983
Taught pharmacy courses and mentored students, facilitating their understanding of pharmaceutical sciences.

Founder, Ali & Ali Pharmacy, 1978-1999

Established and managed the first Ali’s Pharmacy location, providing exceptional pharmaceutical services and building a loyal customer base.

Expanded the business into the Ali&Ali chain, overseeing multiple pharmacy locations and maintaining high standards of customer service and product quality.

Founder/Owner, Ali's Image chain, 1999-2019

Successfully launched and managed the Ali’s Image chain, a renowned pharmacy brand known for its specialized services and comprehensive product offerings.

Ensured operational efficiency, implemented quality control measures, and developed strategic partnerships with suppliers.

Founder/partner, EIMC (Egyptian Integrated Medical Company), 1989-2021

Pioneered the establishment of the first private distribution company in Egypt, EIMC, specializing in the distribution and importation of pharmaceutical products.


Developed a robust network of suppliers and built strong relationships with key stakeholders in the industry.

Founder/partner, EUP (EIMC United Pharmaceuticals), 2004-2021

Spearheaded the creation of the first oncology manufacturing facility in Egypt, EUP, catering to the increasing demand for high-quality oncology drugs.

Oversaw all aspects of manufacturing operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and delivering innovative solutions to meet market needs.

Co-Founder, Platform One, 2019

Collaborated in the establishment of Platform One, an online platform that enables pharmacists to order pharmaceutical products from distributors conveniently and efficiently.

Founder/Owner, Al'Image Pharma, 2023-present

Founded Al’Image Pharma, a consultancy company providing specialized services to the pharmaceutical industry, including strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and business development.